He barely had the energy to be annoyed anymore he was tired. Sarcastic, nihilistic, coldhearted. Request an invitation to join. "Is my Da-Batman okay?" he asks and Flash can tell he wants to cry. However, Batmans off-world status meant he couldnt retrieve the data that Oracle needed. All sixteen active members of the League (including Doctor Fate replacing Zatara) convened in the Watchtower to discuss expanding the League to new members. A young ninja, living a decent life on the streets of Japan, has now sparked the attention of the Justice League. Once crowned Ghost King, Danny also gains another responsibility: reaping the souls of fallen heroes. Jason and Bruce fight over their differing morals while Nightwing is stuck in the middle. Man.. [7] All other members are considered equals. [37], Red Arrow left the League to find Speedy. User name or email: Password: How he had mixed fucking feelings about the dark. This toxin now being released will savagely twist the mind and body of every person it contacts. It's time to start adding to the Justice League membership list, and Wally has the perfect candidate in mind: Nightwing. Production details While most of the League continued to deal with the problems the Warworld created on Earth. "They never saw it coming!" Birds of a Feather 19 pages 6 months ago Dani In this, yes, Jason will have a rather touching reaction and Damian will practically have the same reaction as he did in Son of Batman. The heroes paired off and attacked the MFDs simultaneously. 49 episodes 2010-2022 Kevin Michael Richardson Martian Manhunter 35 episodes 2010-2022 Zehra Fazal Violet Harper 34 episodes 2019-2022 Troy Baker Brion Markov 31 episodes 2019-2022 Bruce Greenwood Bruce Wayne 30 episodes 2010-2019 Phil LaMarr King Orin 29 episodes 2010-2022 Crispin Freeman Roy Harper 29 episodes 2010-2021 [30] A new hideout was chosen: the orbiting Watchtower satellite, although they also used the Hall of Justice as a front for tourists and the media. In his initial appearance, he ends up helping the team. He just wanted everything to go back the way it was. Work Search: [5][6], Leadership is determined by regular elections. Most well known for his negative on super heroes/meta-humans and . Avenger Titan Renegade is a special edition variant, equipped single minded as a dogfighter expert: if you get into a one on one fights, this ship is a preferred choice for any well equipped Militia Force! Two years later,[27] the Joker discovered the location of the Sanctuary, and attacked Snapper Carr and the League inside. Chairpersons typically serve one-year terms, and usually do not seek more than two terms in a row. Disturbing Rumours and Fulfilling Romance. I still don't tbh but what the hell who cares. :D Not the characteristics of a hero. Alfred's eyes widened. Meanwhile, the Team infiltrated the satellite and disbaled it. #crossover His parents went back and forth while they thought he was sleeping. [24], The general populace was not made aware that eight powerful members of the League were off-planet. He is a child, not a shiny new car you purchase for show! Watch Young Justice: "The Hunt" - Delinquents. Tess, also known as, Tessiee May, was the soon to be wife of Bruce Wayne, Batman. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Barry nudges his still covered head against Dicks (and thank god they both have their cowl and mask on) and asks gently and lovingly even as he makes the adults in front of him pale at his expression, Are you alright, Sunshine? It's not often he questions, but this time his siblings caught on. Locked away for over 30 years in Arkham resides a prisoner who has seemingly seen it all. Nightwing raised an eyebrow. [25] They did not go public with their alliance at first. Bronze statues of the founders of the Justice League. Danny's lair is the House of Mystery. [3], With the help of their inside operative Red Arrow, the Light enslaved the entire League with their echinoderm biotech. Hell sit tight and wait this one out a few moments longer if it means hell finally be able to go home. By proxyconnect tcp read tcp read connection reset by peer. Dick needs help for a mission to break into The Watchtower. "But Artemis blew it up. Justice League - Rated: K+ - English - Suspense/Hurt/Comfort . Hey Brother, Do You Still Believe In Me I Wonder? One minute they were on a mission to stop Klarion the Witch Boy but when Wally wakes up he finds his reality unlike the one he's used to. Breathing heavily Wally was trapped in the memories, left forgotten in his room, as the light soon burned out letting darkness take over once again. After all, how was he going to live with himself after sleeping with his best friend's brother? Jade's attempt at recruitment had spooked the Justice League enough that they were moving them across the country and giving them entirely new identities. Young Justice masters that: it's got solid drama, nice splashes of humor throughout and of course some great action that shows this great team working some difficult stuff out. Work Search: Little does he, and the rest of the league, know that this will lead to a lot more than they bargained for surprising reveals, heart-aching pasts, strengthening friendships, loving families, and unfortunately being targets for pranks. Not having figured out what happened during the sixteen hours unaccounted for during their enslavement, the Justice League was initially unaware of this ban. Alfred explained. Hals mug fell to the floor, shattering the fragile porcelain and spraying coffee all over the floor. For their complicity in the plot, Aquaman and Wonder Woman stepped down as leaders, as did Miss Martian for the Team. In the Monitor Womb, both Superman and Batman see their little boy take down the League with expertise. There was no way a mere man could survive that explosion. He suggested La'gaan also join as a third Aquaman. . There is one notable exception to this rule. A lot. Around an hour or so later he returns, with an army of small kids following behind him. Please consider turning it on! What happened here!" Instead, how will the Batfamily, the JLA and the YJ take it? The League knew Dick when he was a tiny little bird, Kind of Inspired my Young Justice Universe, Implied Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne - Freeform. He isn't sure why he wasn't aff #attack Nightwing followed his gaze, and saw the mantle of the second Robin. Artemis was just about to yell at supergirl when her . Supergirl released Superboy and he dropped to the floor. The group on Earth was limited by stricter and stricter regulations from the United Nations, championed by rogue nations like Greater Bialya and Rhelasia.[17]. Under his terms, the League would no longer scheme in the shadows, and Batman and his operatives folded back into the League and Team. Questions if he's really a part of his family. What happens whe young justice season one but better "Hang on!" Wally's late for training again, and it appears that there's something more going on. "Well, that's kinda the point, bird brain." [31] With the exception of the seven founders, who have designations 01 to 07, these designations indicate the order of the members' induction into the League. He proves to be a rather great leader. The League was under mind control for a little over a day. a slightly crack-ish reveal of Dick and Slade's previous partnership (as in working partners). This cartoon is super kick-ass stuff! "So I think the next move of action should be to.." Diana's voice faded out into the back of Wally's mind. Justice League meet Richard (not yet Renegade) 10.9K 220 by awesome1oo0 "Uh, we're looking for Bruce Wayne." John stated confusedly at the old man who had opened the door. Were losing our window. If you already have an Archive of Our Own account, log in now. John convened with the Guardians of the Universe, and they thought it best that the six Leaguers traveled to Rimbor to defend themselves. In late June,[44] the whole Justice League attended Wally West's funeral. When the Young Justice land themselves in another dimension by accident and then manage to escape the entire Justice League (who strangely don't know them at all) and flee into the world outside, Batman can only come to one conclusion, "They're us, from a different world." Rated: Fiction K - English - Adventure . ", "I know, right?" Batfamily meets the Justice League; Gotham City - Freeform; People learn things about Gotham . . I'm rewriting it because that was my very first fanfic and I didn't know what the fuck I was doing lmao. The League's orbiting command centerThe Watchtoweraffords them the resources and spaces necessary to carry out their activities. From Adam Strange, they learned Kroloteans were behind Zeta-Beam thefts on Rann, and that the Leaguers were unwelcome theresix were even wanted criminals. The Day Evil Won: After the events of the past two Crises, Silver Claw and his allies must face the threat of Darkseid, who wants to destroy the Multiverse. . A member can also be ejected by majority vote if they are felt not to uphold the League's standards. What if Dick Grayson ended up with Hydra? x bisexual Reader! Paula's condition was the most challenging part to hide, but Artemis had already admitted, with a hopeful smile, that the League had something in the works to potentially solve that. "When did this happen!?" Work Search: [37], After Miss Martian discovered what the League had done in the missing sixteen hours, Captain Atom and John Stewart discussed what to do. He asked, before shaking his head. she was a hero. "Pretty shocking you did." Twice. This world and all its fucked up people deserved to hurt, and Wally was going to make sure that they did. If I get them out of my head and post, maybe I'll stop poking and get to work on other things. My first Fanfic. [11], After Miss Martian, Superboy and Adam Strange presented new evidencea video recording of the Light admitting their subjugation of the Leagueand convinced the Tribune of the future profitability of a fair verdict in the case, the accused Leaguers were found innocent and released. Fearful that he's going to loose Robin after possibly revealing his and his families secret ID's by using the voice recognition at Wayne Tech, Dick needs a reminder his family always has his back. But yeah; I've supported you in every foolish decision unquestionably but this - ", "Then you will bear the full responsibility with no help from me.". While most of that time was accounted for, six members (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, John Stewart and Hawkwoman) were missing for sixteen hours. He talked about possible alliances with Mars and Thanagar, as well as the upcoming talks between the League, New Genesis and the Green Lantern Corps being led by Rocket. Cover by @Crayotic Well, Superman and Wonder Woman know about them, but nobody else. "Nice to see you, Jason." In which when Kid Flash and my OC Jenesis save the world (at the end of young justice season two) and consequently run out of existence they find themselves running across dimensions to a new world of heroes. They came clean about their secret involvement in the Outsiders; they had orchestrated most of their successes to create a team that could better the public image of heroes and combat the Light in ways the League and Team couldn't. But theres more to this disaster (very heavy on the dis-) than meets the eye. a latin expression meaning at first sight; based on first impression, five times the justice league interpreted something incorrectly and were set 'straight', (it was suppose to be a 5+ 1 thing, but i proceeded to stretch things out so idk how many chapters its suppose to be). Wally West is frozen in time. [14], On July 3, Orin decided to return to the League as Aquaman. Team, meet the bat kids. It has had numerous leaders including Batman, Captain Atom, Black Canary, Aquaman and Wonder Woman, and Black Lightning (incumbent). Bruce blinks, though he doubts the others take it as the surprise it is. After all, who better to collect them than a former hero like himself? Follows DC universe tv series Titans This is a rewrite of my work Please Do Me which was posted on fanfiction.net under the same name. The Young Justice team had confusion written on their faces as the usual calm and laid back Robin just completely blew up. "Jason, you're family.". "The others should be here soon.". [54][55], Lightning decided to pursue the reserves idea, and a recruitment committee was set up. [14], After dealing with the blizzard and pillar of fire created by Child, Superman suggested to Black Lightning that they needed to create an official reserve system to deal with such major crises. #tail He also considered Markovia, but expressed doubts about whether Brion Markov's Infinitors could be trusted. Please credit where you got the idea tho. or: when the justice league gets stranded in space, the teen titans come to the rescue. Black Lightning (de facto) They were soon greeted by the Team.[11]. After earning her trust, they take her back to live with them to help fight crime. Richard Grayson x (SLOW UPDATES) Duke Proves Himself Nightwing offers Signal a chance to lead a small group for a mission. AquamanBatmanFlashGreen Lantern (Hal Jordan)Martian ManhunterSupermanWonder WomanSee full list [35] Guy Gardner,[38] Blue Beetle[9] and Black Lightning joined the Justice League, and Zatanna and Rocket graduated from the Team. [37], After Mal Duncan alerted everyone that the main Krolotean hideout was found by Gamma Squad, all twenty-one active members of the League rushed to New Orleans. The League voted and unanimously ratified the results. #railgun But in the aftermath, many questions were raised; like how a group of teenagers were able to beat the world's greatest heroes. ", Railgun And Red Hood vs. Green Arrow And Kid Flash. #dagneel Relatives: Father: George Anderson, notable politician and business man in Central City. Who is in the voice cast for Young Justice. The Justice League was founded around February[22] 2003,[23] after seven heroesSuperman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Aquaman and Martian Manhunterhad to work together[10] to defeat an Appellaxian invasion. Later, he enters the chase for the League's personal secret, but, after Red Robin saves his life, he repays the favor by standing off and taking out the other villains participating and disappears right afterwards. The Justice League finds out how much of a handful 10 year old speedsters can be. "You had a hologram back at Mount Justice." [7], Following the global crisis wrought by Child in May 2020, Superman suggested setting up an official reserve system for large scale emergencies. Hes lasted this long he can wait. Dick had always known this would happen. When a broken girl with a twisted past is invited to join the Young Justice team, many things come to light that she specifically tried to hide. After earning her trust, they take her back to live with them to help fight crime. Who knew everyone would end up falling in love with you along the Cas Fenton is a runaway, she left Amity park shortly after her and her brother got into a lab accident. chapter 46 - Suicide Squad . Once its dispersed, the infected will then spread the toxin across the city, and maybe even the country! So she moved to Gotham City and got emancipated, she found herself a job at a diner in the heart of the city, and even got herself a small apartment. "Nevermind, I don't want to know." On or around August 26, Superman met with Lightning on the Watchtower to recommend a number of specific candidates, as well as possible further recruitment from Russia, China, Themyscira, Atlantis and Geranium City. Wally screamed, lunging for him again. The League and the Team set up a ruse, and Miss Martian and Superboy at times impersonated Martian Manhunter and Superman to keep up the impression that they were still at full strength. These are just some text messages sent from our favorite teen super heroes. #ben #tennyson Shenanigans ensue from there. [51], Some time between February 2019 and July 2020, a fourth Green Lantern and second Flash joined the League. All of them were blindsided when eight months later he popped back up on their radar, suddenly working for criminals all across the country. Here is the old summary: Poison Ivy's sex pollen plus Justice League plus busboy-ish Wally equals trauma and a whole lotta whorishness. ", --------De-Aging: ft. #certain Justice League | Adventure Humor Friendship Family Robin Batman Nightwing Oc Tim Drake. Batman and Nightwing set up an all-hands meeting for the League, The Team, the Outsiders and their own operatives. Though the warrior was eventually defeated, the Hall was destroyed in the process. Red Hood looked extremely uncomfortable. Red Hood was about to say something else, before he froze. For once, Wally didnt want to talk. "Anyway," He began. young justice and justice league crossover arrowverse. The Justice League meet an unlikely ally from another universe. chapter 45 - Batman VS Superman. [12] On February 24, 2019, Black Lightning was elected to leadership,[13] and later re-elected for a second consecutive term. They weren't supposed to be together. If you already have an Archive of Our Own account, log in now. Now they have to answer the questions of what happened to Dick, along with whether or not Deathstroke is truly an ally or someone mixed up in what happened in the first place. Batfam meet the Justice League with less grace than a hippo in roller skates. The, The Justice League was founded around February. dcau youngjustice dcuo +14 more # 9 Caterpillar by Raihan 38.4K 1K 52 They did not go public with their alliance at first. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. [14] A recruitment committee was set-up by July of that year. She joked. "Yeah, b-" Red Hood was interrupted by a crash, and both vigilante's turned around to see an aging man had dropped a gun, in his thinking that it was evil Batman. [35] In that time, they attacked the planet Rimbor, boldly declaring who they were and that they should be feared. Not the characteristics of a hero. Handful of Dick Grayson head-cannons, spare parts, and shorts. A year after he vanished, Dick is returned to thembut by an extremely untrustworthy source. tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits. [20][18], The League gets some of its funding from the United Nations, as well as private donations. A little bit of time passes by and she is now on a team with protgs of the Justice League. Secrets will be spilled, a love will be forged, and many battles will be fought. Reverse Age Batfamily, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Bruce Wayne & Dick Grayson & Jason Todd & Tim Drake & Damian Wayne. That he can do. After being hurt constantly, young Wally West turns to being a villain.Eventual BirdFlash. Everyone watched in wide eye fascination except for Meagan who was too worried to speak. Well, Wally can wait a little longer. The Team sent a squad to Rann, while the League and the Team set up strike groups to target Kroloteans on Earth. Nightwing no sabe que entre las sombras de Gotham, los que se levantan no son el murcilago original. In which following the death of Kid Flash Nightwing is killed by the Joker, onlyhis story isn't over just yet as Ra's Al Ghul brings him back, molding him into an assassin. Series. [1], Icon, Atom, Plastic Man and Red Arrow were officially inducted to the Justice League at the Hall of Justice. Eventually, the android was dismantled. Or; Dick is reminded why he doesn't visit the watchtower featuring the age old question "are batman and superman married or not? The Justice League find an injured boy asleep in the Batcave. Young Justice and Justice League Crossover Fanfiction by Purplepanther7 reviews Eight months after the events in the episode Endgame take place, three members of the the Team find themselves in another dimension. Titans 2.0?" chapter 47 - Wonder Woman. Please consider turning it on! But what about their nocturnal activities? Dick Grayson Can Beat Bruce Wayne. Nightwing/Dick Grayson's death rattles the team. Wally is just trying to figure out where exactly his uncle isand who are these people trying to impersonate the Justice League? When Wally was four, he heard the yelling for the first time. consider these creatures spirit messengers. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Goal Also, Bruce swears. But can t Flare is a young quiet but, sometimes an outgoing girl who is hiding many secrets. Wally knew that. It was little more than a smoldering pile of rubble. He doesn't panic. Nightwing said. However, to his shock, Alfred gave him a massive hug. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. They had been dating for three years, and in that time she discovered he was Batman. [Y/n] [L/n], a social butterfly hybrid who was taken under Tony Stark otherwise known as Iron Man's care. [11], The Leaguers returning from Rimbor arrived at the ruins of Mount Justice. Later, Batman, Canary and the Team's mentors gathered to tell the Team that they would now operate from the Watchtower beside the League. it didn't matter where she was from, who she used to be, or what she used to doshe was a hero now. The building wasnt a building anymore. As he spoke, a woman in a cat suit with goggles jumped over the railing and landed gracefully beside the three. Batman was the leader in 2010. #raildex [33], With the Injustice League's plant creatures sprouting up all over the world, Batman made sure the entire Justice League fought them to draw attention away from the Team as they went for the Injustice League's headquarters in the Louisiana bayou. "I assume you two know of what has happened?". "This." He muttered. Young Justice | Conner Kent | Fanfiction Romance Slow Burn A day that starts out like any other for the team ends up becoming something very different. I challenge you, detectives, to figure out how I accomplished all of this from behind bars, from behind your back, once again! Protect citizens of the worldMaintain international peace # Robin is just done taking Hawkgirl down, when he notices both of . Nightwing rubbed his forehead. #natsu Jason just ignored him, his arms crossed and his eyes set on anything but his family. Blue BeetleRed Arrow Or will they forever be trapped in the tragedy and pain that could break their spirits once and for all? [11], The fallout of the Rimbor incident forced the League to repair its reputation. However, falling in bed was a one-time thing. Percy is Betrayed by his remaining friends, is is blessed by the Olympians to be their Champion, he has the imortallity of a hunter, he trained with the gods but when he compketes his training with them they send him to Wonder Woman for more training and practice A young ninja, living a decent life on the streets of Japan, has now sparked the attention of the Justice League. Bruce narrowed his eyes and Dick gulped before nervously looking away and at his four brothers who stood at his side. (Don't own the cover). Don't have an account? Her biggest fear is of herself. Questions if his family, his siblings, still care for him. sorta Marvel x DC x Danny Phantom crossover. Superman, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, Hawkwoman and Guy Gardner and others formed the away team. Forgot your password or user name? Rarely, someone might be granted membership on a probationary basis prior to a confirmatory vote. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words. Their conversation was interrupted by a cackle ringing through the speakers. Language: English Words: 3,505 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 28 Kudos: 454 Bookmarks: 69 Danny goes from being kidnapped and experimented on by the GIW, to being kidnapped by the Legion of Doom via summoning. But he did, he Bat-panicked. Marvel/Dc x reader) Aqualad walks into the main conference room and is surprised to see most of the Justice League gathered in their seats. Feeling the League could not escape the Light's spin, Batman and Green Arrow staged a walkout, taking several associated with them from the League and the Team. He also wore black gloves that came to his forearm. "This won't be awkward at all. It was a simple mission really. #blue Just short horror stories between you and various fictional characters. -------------------------- Bruce kept Tess distance from the others, not wanting to lay a heavy load of stress on her for meetin. The Sean Turner was just a normal teenager when he was gravely wounded he was offered a chance at life Young Justice school Au Icon, Blue Devil, Guy Gardner, Atom, Plastic Man and Red Arrow were considered, as well as members of the Team and Rocket. Continuation of my Batfam series, When Robin gets injured, enough that he can't even move without being in pain, the team has to work to keep him alive while also escaping the people that did this to him. young batfam Crack Fluff Summary Bruce's advanced detective skills told him this meeting could've been an email. Part 4 of Bat Fam x Reader; Language: . A look into the minds of the Justice League when they lost their heart and became the Justice Lords. The League also has a relationship with the U.S. government, The League gets some of its funding from the United Nations, as well as private donations. With the Injustice League 's plant creatures sprouting up all over the world, Batman made sure the entire Justice League fought them to draw attention away from the Team as they went for the Injustice League's headquarters in the Louisiana bayou. She didn't want to but she had to. "You're one Justice League & Justice League Unlimited, Her Grace| } |*A young justice various x female reader story*|. Artemis will do everything she can to help. "Guys?" his voice held hesitation as he looked at them and noticed the anger and determination. To counter this division, the roster was expanded. Now, Bruce and Jason have to deal with their conflict while Nightwing tries to prove himself as a hero under increasing scrutiny SEQUEL TO: The Twirl of a Knife (Dick Grayson!Talon-AU)-COMPLETED-. "Jason" Alfred Pennyworth whispered.Red Hood laughed awkwardly. For Duke Week Day Five: Leadership She may se. #danny All of these factors partnered together into the outline for what should have been a straightforward mission. If you don't have an account, you can request an invitation to join . This raises a few questions with the team, that are quickly put aside when Captain Marvel appeared. NEXT: Justice League Dark Vs. Percy Jackson DC Universe crossover They're Us By: Goldenbrook15. What happens when the perfect day turns sour?
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